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(c) Inez Kaukaronta

Show from 5 years old

[[At the Hanoi Puppet Festival 2018 received the Golden Award for artists and the Silver Award for the show]

Concept, collective direction Une Tribu: Michel Villée and Noémie Vincart. Interpretation: Michel Villée and Noémie Vincart.


With the support of the Fabrique de Théâtre / Performing Arts Department of the Province of Hainaut.

Production Une Tribu / Entrée de Secours ASBL.


A man and a woman take the stage. They will create the illusion of life. "That piece of foam and papier-mâché, in a few seconds, you'll think it's a child." Gradually, they themselves are disturbed by the life of this puppet.


Basically, the work is mainly technical and fun: the two actors / puppeteers explore the possibilities around a manipulation work for two. A woman brings a puppet to life. They are both well aware of their status as puppeteer and puppet. But little by little, a man enters the game. He is first of all the second hand of the puppet. So far, things seem clear. But soon the confusion sets in. We are no longer quite sure who leads the game.


Show from 5 years old

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