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Une Tribu Collectif is composed of two creative artists (actors and puppeteers), Michel Villée and Noémie Vincart, who collaborate with partners in the creation of their shows. 

They create puppet shows and have chosen to work collectively. This synergy means that everyone is involved in the process. It's a search for meaning in the detail. All the arts represented in a creation can be brought to the fore according to needs and ideas.

What all our creations have in common is an evocative storytelling process that places the spectator in an active position: it's thanks to the involvement of his or her imagination that the meaning of the story takes shape. Puppetry, in the broadest sense of the term, is at the heart of every creation. The puppets are built in parallel with the themes of each show. Une Tribu works very precisely on puppet manipulation, and puppet technique is used to translate the dramaturgical aspects of the work.

Direction Artistique


Michel Villée

Michel is an actor and puppeteer. He studied theater and movement in Brussels. As an actor, creator, helping with writing or directing, he collaborates with several companies (Zoo Théâtre, Mic Mac, Que Faire?, Eline Shumacher, David Murgia, Cie Paulette Godart, ...) . He has also been developing puppet theater projects for several years, either within the Une Tribu collective, mainly as an author and puppeteer, or in collaboration with other companies (Ultima Thule, Froe Froe, Hop Signor ...), most often as a puppet manipulation coach, helping with writing or directing.

IMG_7723 (2) (1).JPG

Noémie Vincart

After a year at Insas, she completed her journey with various internships and training (Neville Tranter, Agnes Limbos, Gavin Glover, Boris Rabey, Isabella Souppart, etc.) She assisted Galin Stoev on three creations in Belgium. Then she discovered the profession of puppeteer in "L‘Enfant qui ..." of the Théâtre d'un Jour and familiarized herself with puppet construction techniques as Natacha Belova's assistant. She co-founded the collective Une Tribu with which she created "Gaspard" and "La Brèche".

Equipe Administrative


Katja Belova

Delegate for the day-to-day management of the ASBL Entrée de Secours, the legal structure of the collective.


Christine Cloarec (Quai 41)

Production manager of the collective.

Complices / co-créateurs créatrices

Rita Chat pitre_edited_edited.jpg

Rita Belova

Rita Belova is an actress, puppeteer and costume designer. She graduated from INSAS in June 2015.

During 2015 she worked as an assistant trainee on the creation of L'Enfant Colère directed by Sophie Maillard at the Théâtre Océan Nord and the creation of Rumeur et Petits Jours du Raoul Collectif at the National Theater.

 She joined the collective Une Tribu with which she created and played in the young audience show Blizzard (Minister of Culture award at the Huy 2018 meetings). In 2017 she played in the show La beauté du désastre directed by Lara Ceulemans at Mons Art de la Scène and at the National Theater. She worked as a costume designer with Ludovic Drouet for the Rome Trilogy at the Théâtre de la Balsamine and Mort de César at INSAS, Une Tribu Collectif for the show La Brèche petite forme at the XS festival at the National theater and long form in Charleville-Mézières , Jean Coërs for the Share your Dreams show at RITS. In 2018, she created the masks for the show Laboratoire Poison by Adeline Rosenstein at the Théâtre de la Balsamine, In 2019, she continued her work as an assistant with Cie Mossoux-Bonté for the Great he Goat show in Charleroi-Danse and with the Raoul Collectif for the show Une Cérémonie at the National Theater.


Alice Hebborn (membre cofondatrice d'Une tribu 2015-2022)

En 2015, elle cofonde le collectif Une Tribu avec lequel elle mène des créations de théâtre d'objets et de marionnettes, dont La Course et Blizzard. Elle compose la musique de La Brèche en collaboration avec Thomas Giry, de Novembre et de Pouvoir en 2023.


Valentin Périlleux (membre cofondateur d'Une Tribu 2015-2022)

Valentin est diplômé en scénographie à l'Ecole Nationale des Arts Visuels de La Cambre à Bruxelles. Il est le co-créateur de la Course, Blizzard, Au pied des Montagnes et le constructeur de la marionnette de Pouvoir et des décors de la Brèche et Novembre.


Sarah Hebborn ​(membre cofondatrice d'Une tribu 2015-2021)

Sarah is an actress and puppeteer, graduated from ESACT in 2012. Upon leaving her studies, she began her own creations and co-founded the collective La Station with which she created Ivan, Gulfstream (prize of the Minister of Culture and coup de heart of the press - Huy 2014) and Parc (International Jury Prize at the Emulation Festival). With the UNE TRIBU collective, she created La Course (Prize of the Province of Liège for a Young Company at the Rencontres de Huy, Young Jury Prize at the Festival Emulation).


Daniel Schmitz 

Daniel is an actor who graduated from Esact in 2010.


He collaborates with several theater collectives, La Station, Une Tribu and Rubis Cube and has played in the show “Garuma! »Directed by Jean Michel Van Den Eeyden.

He also leads the “Die Schmiede” project with Gwendoline Gauthier. He will be the sound designer on the circus show “Sanctuaire Sauvage” by the Rafale collective.


Karl Autrique

Régisseur lumière de La Course et administrateur de la compagnie


Natacha Belova

Creator of La Brèche

Self-taught artist, born in Russia in 1969, trained in history. She has lived and worked in Belgium since 1995 as a costume designer, set designer and puppeteer, with around twenty different directors including Jean-Michel’Hoop, Jaime Lorca, Didier de Neck, Isabelle Pousseur, Christophe Sermet and Galin Stoev. Nominated 3 times for the Critics' Prize 2008, 2009, 2010 and awarded in 2010. Here are some shows produced between 1998 and 2017: Liliom - Théâtre de la Coline (France) - directed by Galon Stoev. Blood Brothers - Cie Dos à Deux (Brazil) - directed by André Curti and Artur Ribeiro. Rumeur et petits jours - National Theater - Collective Raoul (Belgium), L’école des Ventriloques - Cie Point Zéro (Belgium) - Directed by J-M d'Hoop. "Richard Trois" - Cie Viajeinmóvil (Chile) directed by Jaime Lorca (Chile) At the same time, she gives puppet workshops in France, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Malaysia and others. Vieilles - Cie Point Zéro - Directed by JM d'Hoop The school of Ventriloques - Cie Point Zéro - Directed by JM d'Hoop. At the same time, she gives puppet construction workshops in France, Spain, Chile, Mexico , Malaysia and others.

Thomas Giry.jpg

Thomas Giry

Sound designer and co-composer of La Brèche.

Thomas Giry (aka t.s.e.g.) is a Composer, poly-instrumentalist and Performer.

Born in Paris in 1973, he studied the piano from the age of 5 and immersed himself in music in self-taught a few years later.

Since 1998 he has been producing music for theater and dance companies, video installations or short films and documentaries made in Brussels, Paris or Marseille. Drummer, guitarist, singer, performer and jack-of-all-trades in musical projects and

various creations (Why The Eye?, Music For Rabbits, Poly-Fannies, Monte Isola ...), he practices also photography and food culture!

He currently lives in Brussels.


Caspar Langhoff

Light designer for Blizzard and La Brèche.


Gwendoline Gauthier

Creator of Au Pied des Montagnes.

Gwendoline Gauthier was a laureate of the Esact (Royal Conservatory of Liège) in 2014. She was then hired as an actress for Philippe Sireuil (Des Mondes meilleurs by Paul Pourveur), Mathilde Lecarpentier (Marie Tudor by Victor Hugo), Daniel Schmitz ( Les Sauvages), Clément Thirion (Mouton Noir by Alex Lorette), and was nominated young female hope in 2017 for her performance in Les enfants du Soleil, directed by Christophe Sermet (Théâtre des Martyrs 2018). She joined the reading committee of the Rideau de Bruxelles in 2018. The same year, she played for Julien Rombaux in Love and Money at the Théâtre de Poche, and we find her in Ravachol, a play written by Axel Cornil premiered at MARS. In April 2020, she played a monologue by Gary Owen at the Théâtre de Poche directed by Georges Lini.


Cristel Vander Stappen

Administrator of the ASBL Entrée de Secours


Octavie Piéron

Light designer for La Course


Antoinette Servais

Administrator of the ASBL  Entrée de Secours

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