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When her grandmother dies, a little girl decides that she will never be put in a box. She will grow up and live her life without thinking about death. She becomes a biologist and works in a laboratory.


La Brèche is a fable about our relationship to our disappearance. It's the story of a puppet who doesn't want to know she's a puppet.


La Brèche is the collective's fourth creation after Gaspard, La Course and Blizzard.


La Brèche is a show for all ages from 12 years old.

© Une Tribu Collectif

Creation: Une Tribu Collectif

Directed by: Noémie Vincart, Natacha Belova and Michel Villée. Interpretation: Noémie Vincart, Michel Villée. Writing: Michel Villée. Musical composition and sound creation: Alice Hebborn and Thomas Giry. Light creation: Caspar Langhoff. Construction of the puppets: Natacha Belova. Scenography: Natacha Belova. Set construction: Guy Carbonnelle and Valentin Périlleux. Costumes: Rita Belova. Assistance and help for dramaturgy: Anaëlle Impe. Interns: Lou Hebborn, Fanny Swysen, Vanda Tollas. Outside view: Didier De Neck, Sarah Hebborn, Daniel Schmitz, Alana Osbourne.


Production: Une Tribu Collectif / ASBL Entrée de Secours. Production assistance: Quai 41. Co-productions: World Festival of Puppet Theaters (Charleville-Mézières, France). With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. With the help of Théâtre de Galafronie, Tas de Sable - Ches Panses Vertes (Amiens, France), Center Culturel de Beauraing, Center Culturel La Vénerie de Watermael-Boitsfort and Théâtre Le Boson.

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Caspar Langhoff

+32 499 36 20 83

La Brèche / Une Tribu Collectif
La Brèche / Une Tribu Collectif
La Brèche / Une Tribu Collectif



Septembre 2019, Forme Longue au Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes, Charleville Mézières (FR)

23-24-25 mars 2017, Forme courte au Festival XS, Théâtre National, Bruxelles  (BE)


"Une Tribu Collectif – a young Belgian theatre company – presented La Brèche, its most recent and already fourth spectacle co-directed by Belova, Noémie Vincart, and Michel Villée. This is a play about passing and a wish cherished by a little girl who buried her beloved granny and in time became a biologist working of the prolongation of life so as to never again think about death. It is also a show about a puppet, which refuses to admit that it is a puppet. A highly attractive production, meticulously performed by Vincart and Villée, and showing just how rapidly these young performers are progressing (…)."


"A must-see show to reconnect with our shadows and address the theme of disappearance."



+32 (0)488 02 49 10

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Caspar Langhoff

+32 499 36 20 83

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