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Prize of the Minister of Culture Rencontre Théâtre jeune public d'Huy 2018

We come from all up there to the north.

Where there is ice, wind and sand.

The wind cools us and the sand protects us.

We make sand into walls, ramparts. It prevents the sea from devouring our homes.

We are going to tell you the story of our grandfather.

He was born a long time ago, in an ice cube.

One day he met the king of nature, a bear who lived under the sand.

He called him "the Kimik".



Blizzard is an almost wordless tale inspired by the Far North and Inuit culture. Three manipulators tell us about a wandering, the wandering of a puppet in shifting, unstable landscapes. The collective Une Tribu invents here a form in perpetual imbalance that invites contemplation and reflection on the relationship between man and wild nature.

©Simon Breveeld

Un spectacle pour tous dès 7 ans

[Prix de la Ministre de la Culture aux Rencontres de Huy 2018]

Creation: Une Tribu collecti

Production: ASBL Entrée de Secours

Concept and direction: Rita Belova, Alice Hebborn, Valentin Périlleux, Daniel Schmitz

Interpretation: Rita Belova, Valentin Périlleux, Daniel Schmitz

External views: Michel Villée, Noémie Vincart

Scenography and puppets: Valentin Périlleux

Construction aid: Guy Carbonnelle

Scenography intern: Robin Bolle

Sound: Alice Hebborn

Light: Caspar Langhoff

Regie: Alice Hebborn

Graphics: Annabelle Guetatra

Diffusion: Louise Mestrallet


With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles


With the help of Théâtre de la Galafronie, du BAMP, Centre de la Marionnette de la FWB, Centres Culturels de Braine l’Alleud et Theux and EVNI


Thanks to Simon Breeveld, Jérémy David, Cécile Geeraerd, Sarah Hebborn, Ruprecht Niepold


Louise Mestrallet

+32(0) 488 02 49 10


Valentin Périlleux

+32(0)488 38 03 12


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Fiche technique

Dossier de présentation



"Intended for everyone from the age of 7, this Blizzard also summons" rag "puppets manipulated by several, for a disturbing effect of realism in movements and postures (...)

 The Blizzard fable traces an initial provocation, a fight, a loss, a revenge and then a reconciliation. It ultimately gives a way forward for man who has monopolized all natural resources to the detriment of other creatures. Our ancestor then decided to live in harmony with the Kimik. Strange and poetic, rough and gentle at the same time, Blizzard won the Minister of Culture Prize when it premiered this summer at the Rencontres de Théâtre Jeune Public in Huy. He deserved it. "

ESTELLE SPOTO - Le Vif Focus (January 22, 2019)

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